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About us: We enjoy making console skins, wall stickers and vehicle stickers as well, for your valued visitors.

  • How Long does the product takes to arrive after ordering ?

  • Well, depending on where you are currently situated, the delivery time may vary from three days to ten days.

    For instance standard delivery in UK takes two days after the product is dispatched.

    All orders are dispatched within two business days to make the delivery process more prompt and clear.

    We ship to all European countries.

    Incase you are ordering from the USA, CANADA or Australia,  a custom delivery would be attempted, wherein extra charges would avial to those ordering from these destinations.

    1. When shall my order arrive ?

    You can track your order in our online store, simply by entering the order id, in the section for tracking the order after you have signed in our website and bought your favourite sticker.

    1. Missing an order ?

    If you have already ordered something and it has not yet arrived, after the date of delivery have passed, then you check if you have received a dispatch confirmation email from our side, if not then don't you worry, you shall be fully refunded. Since from our end, due to some fault, the situation has risen.

    1. What colors of Wraps you have got ?

    We have colors that would suit to everyone’s taste. This is inclusive of matte colors, gloss colors and of premium textures as well.

    1. What type of materials do you use?

    Here at Console Wraps, we use different types of Vinyl. These include self coloured Vinyl, Polymeric Calendered Vinyl, Digitally Printed Vinyl, and monomeric calendered vinyl.

    Each of the Vinyl material is selected based on the fact on what performs best under that particular situation.

    1. What are the styles that you have covered in Console Wraps?

    We have a whole range of styles and games based on which we have made our stickers. The variants range from a good deal of games like the Lego series, then the Batman series alongside these we also graphitti wraps for Consoles and NIntendo switches.

    1. What if my sticker does not custom fit my console ?

    There is no question for this uncertainty since we pay great attention to the fact that the stickers are cutting fit to the consoles manufactured by Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo.

    Even so, if the problem remains, then you may try to send the specifications along with the dimensions of your console. Our experts may then try to look into the matter and resolve your issue, at the earnest.

    1. Are Console Stickers made of Vinyl better than their paper counterparts ?

    Here at Console Wraps, we believe that Vinyl stickers are a clear winner over the stickers made with paper.

    Vinyl has a lot of advantages over traditional paper stickers, which easily crack and fade over time. Paper stickers are a nightmare to pull off after a while. An advantage of vinyl is that it can be pulled off in one piece. Vinyl stickers won’t mark if water or oil is spilled on them. That’s a big plus. A paper sticker is ruined if any sort of liquid touches the sticker. The uses of paper stickers are limited. They are vulnerable to fading, prone to rip upon removal, and easily destroyed if wet. Paper stickers are mainly used for labels used indoors. Vinyl stickers work for labels too but they have a whole lot more uses.They are typically printed in large rolls and applied to boxes and packaging.

    1. How long does the Vinyl Stickers last?

    The durability and the longevity of the Vinyl stickers depend upon the surface it is stuck to and the materials used to built the sticker.

    Our stickers have and usually does last over a decade.

    1. Which are the surfaces that the Vinyl sticker sticks to ?

    Our Vinyl stickers stick to clean and smooth surfaces you can think of. There are probably very few surfaces that it cannot stick to. These surfaces include oily and rough surfaces.
    Basically simply before applying the sticker, you need to clean the surface properly.

    1. What is the return limit of any product from Console Wraps ?

    Basically you have a 14 day window from the date mentioned in the receipt of the order of returning us the undamaged product in its proper shape and size, as supplied to you.
    We do not accept returns for skins damaged during application.

    1. What if I had received a damaged product ?

    If you have received a damaged product, which was damaged in the transit process, then do not worry, you can make your claim for a replacement of the original product from our site.
    Simply return the damaged product, when you have received a new one from our end.

    1. Can I exchange my product ?

    Yes you can exchange the sticker, for another one as long as the product that you have selected is of the same price or of a price lower than the one that you have already bought.

    1. Damaged product replacement questions?

    Just for say, you have received a damaged product perchance, then, it may so happen that the skin was manhandles during transit, resulting into the damage. In such a scenario, what you can do is that you can actually get a complete refund and a compensation token from our as well.