Are Skins harmful for the Console?

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Vinyl skins do not result in a temperature boost as in a non – skinned unit. There are many myths and taboos regarding this. Wherein, there is a huge superstition, that skinned consoles have a temperature, that is much higher than a console that is unskinned. The operating system does verify that with the skin on, the PS4 does not reach the critical temperature. Skins work like a protective coat for the Play Station 4 or Xbox even.

From the heat transfer point of view, it won’t affect the user unless the skin has incredibly low thermal conductivity. Further, you must be cautious while sticking the skins as they should not block the vents or obstruct the passage of ventilation of air.

Console Wraps

Decal Skins that are manufactured by Console Wraps, are very skin friendly and it does not hurt unless you place it on top of the venting channels.
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